As an artist I am always excited to explore new themes and take on new projects. Although I experimented with sculpture and film for my Fine Art degree, and it’s an area I am still very interested in, my recent work has been mainly portrait and figurative painting.

A year ago I was lucky enough to receive a commission to paint surfing murals at Baggys Cafe in Croyde, North Devon. It has been a fascinating journey. Through the work and my research, I have gained an insight into the surfing culture and its history. The project is a combination of all the elements I love; portraits, figurative painting and expressing movement.

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John Crush - Artiste Peintre

2 months 5 days ago

Ma dernière peinture, 'Shades of Bowie' à trouvé une nouvelle maison au Tina's Café . My recent painting ' Shades of Bowie' has found a

John Crush - Artiste Peintre

2 months 6 days ago

Croquis rapides que j'ai fait de musiciens pendant qu'ils jouaient, au Tina's Café à l'atelier de guitare au cours des derniers jours. Leurs noms ont

John Crush - Artiste Peintre

2 months 1 week ago

' Shades of Bowie' Acrylique sur papier. 45 × 35 cm. Il sera exposé ce week-end à Tina's Café . Vendu 'Shades of Bowie'. Acrylic